About Me

I have been a Christian for nearly all of my life. But, I would have to say that I didn't come to know Christ until every corner of my world was rocked with crisis, fear, and disappointment. During those seasons, I struggled with settling for the cliche responses Christians are so often guilty of offering, or digging deep, opening my heart to what God was saying and committing myself to the process that would eventually bring healing. I've entitled this blog "Glimpses of Grace" because I feel like that is what carried me through some of my darkest and loneliest days--catching glimpses of what God was doing and saying. It was these glimpses of grace that sustained and preserved me during a time where there seemed like nothing but hopelessness and impossibility surrounded me. So, I offer these posts as a sort of thank you for all of the times God met me in the dark places, exposed the contents of my heart and offering me something better--a life free from burden and full of rest.